Grinding and regranulation

Cut down on production costs with high-quality regranulate

Have your plastic waste and defective products processed in our recycling facilities and receive a plastic intermediate product in the form of regrind or regranulate that can be reused in your manufacturing process. We specialise in the hard plastics PP and HDPE.

We take away your plastic waste or defective products

We agree on exactly what you need. We take the material – whether plastic waste from the manufacturing process or defective products – for testing and produce plastic regranulate.

We produce and deliver regranulate

You can sample everything we make. If the first attempt is not completely right, we look for solutions and adapt the technology. We will meet your requirements regarding MFI, colour, fillers and additives.

With our quality regranulate you make savings

If you replace some of your primary material with regranulate, you not only save the environment, but also reduce your operating and production costs.

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