Plastic waste purchasing

We buy hard plastics

We buy hard plastics sorted from the yellow bins that are used by municipalities for the separated collection of plastic waste. We specialise in plastic pots, a mix of hard plastics and a mix of PP and HDPE.

We remove waste in the form of hard plastics and plastic pots

We take plastic waste from yellow bins that no one else in the Czech Republic is able to process and that, until now, you had to dump in a landfill for a fee.

We aim for long-term partnerships in the Czech Republic

We are looking for sorting lines and municipalities – especially in the Czech Republic – to partner up with us. We will show you what waste serves as a valuable raw material for further processing.

Don’t pay for landfilling

Instead of paying for hard plastics to be taken to a landfill, you can make a profit by bringing them to us at our recycling facility, where we can convert them into regranulate.

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