About us

We entered the waste market to innovate plastic waste recycling. We are a team of people who have chosen to protect the environment professionally. 

About the company

Plastic Union is a group of companies specialising in the comprehensive recycling of municipal and industrial plastic waste. It ecologically converts waste plastic into a secondary raw material for reuse in industry in line with circular economy principles. With a processing capacity of 23,000 tonnes, it diverts around 1,300 lorryloads of plastic waste from landfills per year.

In 2019, its ecological innovations earned it an Olomouc Region Environmental Benefit Prize and a ranking in the Czech 100 Best competition. Plastic Union employs some 150 people. It is a member of the Czech ette group, which specialises in financing and managing projects pursuing a higher purpose.


We at Plastic Union believe that developing sustainability-based projects is the right path to follow. We view waste as a valuable source of materials that, rather than ending up in landfills, but should be reused. This saves natural resources for future generations.

Jiří Balun, CEO

Our awards


The Olomouc Region Environmental Benefit Prize is highly motivating for us, even more so considering it is the result of a public vote. For us, it is important to ensure that the public is well informed of the fact that the waste at our site genuinely is intended for recycling, as we believe that this is an incentive for people to keep sorting their waste.

100 nej

We view our Czech 100 Best award as confirmation that we are on the right track in pursuing sustainability-based development. Plastic regranulate is emerging as an opportunity for manufacturing companies who want to be environmentally friendly in their approach while generating profits thanks to the reuse of waste as a valuable material.

Our values


Demographic growth, lifestyle changes, the advancement of the digital economy, increasing energy demands, increasingly scarce resources, and rising pollution.


These are the current global challenges to which the world will have to respond.


We are creating the world of tomorrow today. We have decided than, rather than predicting the future, we will create it. We want to know and influence how our lives, society and business will change.


We foresee a future in developing projects and initiatives that will enable us to face up to these challenges.


Experienced, hard-working people play a key role in each of our projects, and each project reflects the values at the heart of our work.


We fund and manage projects that pursue a higher purpose and rely on innovations and sustainability. 

Good business and good intentions can go hand in hand.

member of ette

ette is a purely Czech-owned group that invests with a higher meaning. It finances and manages projects in four sectors: services, technology, sustainability and lifestyle, building on a common foundation: innovation. The group companies received the Olomouc Region´s Award for Enviromental Contribution and an award in The Best 100 Czech contest for their innovative approach to sustainability. The ette group has been operating on the Czech market for more than 20 years, employs more than 200 people and has expanded to more than 20 countries.


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